Graffiti in Bonn

Graffiti in Bonn, Germany

Graffiti in Bonn, Germany

Not sure who these guys are, but I thought it made for some interesting graffiti.


More photos of some nice buildings in Bonn. Most are about 100 years old, although I slipped in a picture of a newer house that I like just because of the solar cells on the roof :). The last picture is of a really interesting door that belongs to one of the houses in the gallery.

The embrace of technology is a great counter-argument to all the “naysayers” who bring up past Science vs. Catholic Church conflicts (e.g: Galileo vs. Catholic Church). I even heard that Pope Benedict is using youtube to explain why condoms are useless in Africa. And they installed Solar cells on the rooves of the Vatican! Here is a shot of something I witnessed with my own eyes: the first thing someone sees when entering (and leaving) the Bonn Minster:

Translation (although not really necessary): Collecting for the preservation of the Basilica. It costs 300euro/day for upkeep of the Minster.

And, with the miracle of modern communication technology, that cash or credit goes straight into the accounts – no need to wait in line at the bank. Which leaves a pilgrim more time to visit these impressive architectural wonders, no doubt also technological wonders in their time:

Note: To avoid confusion, the last two pictures are actually of the Cathedral in Cologne – not the Bonn Minster. However, since the money gets deposited into the same account, I figured it was ok…

I took this photo of Germany’s northern coast (near Lintelermarsch) on a seal watching boat tour. The wind turbines in the background are part of a massive wind turbine project in the area, including a floating wind farm project.

I’ve spent a little time now in the German cities of Münster and Bonn. Here are a couple fotos of some nice buildings I’ve seen. Most are about 100 years old.


East German Trabant

Moose Sightings

Dec. 30th, 2008. Algonquin Park, -18 deg C
Driving on Highway 60 along the Parkway corridor and 4 Moose sighted: